Confirmation Retreats


Each Confirmation candidate will need to attend one retreat in their first year of Confirmation prep and one retreat in their second year of Confirmation prep.  The 9th grade retreats will be on site here at St. Hubert’s and the dates are listed below.  The 10th grade retreats will be off site at Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo, MN.  You will be receiving a letter and permission slip in the mail about 2 weeks prior to your child’s scheduled retreat date with more information about the retreat day.

Remaining Retreats for this Year 

Year 1 Retreats Year 2 Retreats

December 6  November 9
February 21  January 25
March 14


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*Please make sure your child does not bring any phones, ipods or any other electronic device on the retreat.  They will be taken away. Brooke will provide her phone number as an emergency contact for the day of retreat.  In addition, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately so as to not cause a distraction to others.



For additional questions, you may contact Confirmation Coordinator, Brooke Harding in the parish office at 952-934-9106, or by email at