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Faith Formation



Confirmation Retreats


As part of St. Hubert's Confirmation program, each candidate attends one retreat per year. The retreats are run by our Faith Formation staff and our high school retreat team, and comprise a mixture of prayer, talks, team-building activities and of course Sacraments.


Year 2 Confirmation Retreat Dates (2014-2015)

September 7, 2014 (Sunday)

November 9, 2014 (Sunday)

January 25, 2015 (Sunday)

The full-day retreats for Year 2 are held at Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo, MN. The beautiful retreat center offers every amenity for a FF Confirm Retreat 1wonderful retreat, like small group rooms, an indoor prayer garden, and dining facilities overlooking the lake.

Students only need to be dropped off at St. Hubert, we provide transportation to and from the retreat.


At the retreats, we spend time in small group discussions, prayer time, and listening to talks by our team. The focus is on taking ownership of our faith (and how Confirmation fits into that) and on how an active faith or church life ties into high school life. The day also includes lunch, small and large group activities/games, reconciliation and full Sunday mass.

If parents are available, we are always looking for chaperones to help out on the day of the retreat.FF Confirm Retreat 3 Our teen leaders do much of the work, but adults help oversee activities and keep students on task. If parents are available to help, please contact Scott Kieffer.


Students are also required to bring a permission slip and medical form. Check here for the forms for the February retreat (will be uploaded prior to the retreat). You will also find drop-off and pick-up times for the retreat here.

To avoid distractions and keep the candidates focused on the retreat, electronic devices should be left at home. We will be collecting any cell phones, iPods, etc. upon arriving at the retreat center (teens will get them back on the return trip), but we prefer they don’t bring them at all.


Year 1 Parent/Child Retreats


The Year 1 retreats are a "Parent/Child Retreat," meaning that at least one parent will attend with the confirmand. These retreats, a new addition to our two-year program, are held on Saturday afternoons and end with the 5:15 mass.


Teens can look forward to a fun afternoon as they get introduced to the concept of church retreats and activities. Our awesome retreat team will be leading a number of team-builders, witness talks and small group discussions to help the teens get acclimated to the St. Hubert youth/Confirmation community.


Adults will be joining our Director of Senior High Faith Formation and Adult Core Team for much of the afternoon, as we explore the purpose of Confirmation and it's preparation, go into more details about the Confirmation process at St. Hubert's, and talk in general about the role faith plays in our young people's lives.


Parent/Child Retreat Dates (2013-2014)

November 23 (Saturday)

February 22 (Saturday)

May 10 (Saturday)