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Choirs are made up of leaders and followers; we need both to be successful. There is safety in numbers and all our choirs are enthusiastically welcoming new members. We have groups for all ages and musical styles. All of our choirs are groups that come together to enhance our worship with their musical contributions. It is a great way to get to know others in the parish, not to mention it is fun and fulfilling.

 Below is some specific information for each choir. Contact Kathy Borgen, Director of Music, at 952-934-9106.

 Lead song in various musical styles, from traditional, contemporary to gospel. The groups are accompanied by a variety of instruments. The choirs rehearse on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. The Ensemble sings at the 5:15 Mass three times per month. The Chorale sings at the 10:30 Mass three times per month.


Enhances the liturgy with the beauty of three octaves of bells and chimes. Beginners or advanced ringers are welcome. Some basic music reading skills are needed for this group. If you played the piano or a band/orchestra instrument in the past you have the foundation necessary to ring bells. Rehearses on Monday  evenings at 6:30 PM and rings at mass approximately once a month. The Hand bell Choir also plays at nursing homes and at the Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser each March. Our bell choir is in need of at least two new ringers this coming year.


 Enhances the liturgy with the sound of brass instruments. Adults and those in high school are welcome. An audition is required. Rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:30. and plays at Mass approximately once a month. The Brass Choir also plays at nursing homes, confirmations, and the annual Hopkins Empty Bowls Fundraiser each March. Director is Wayne Schaffran.


 Children in grades three through eight use their voices in leading the congregation in worship and song. Rehearses on Thursdayy afternoons at 4:00. Midge Burzinski will be the director. The group will be accompanied by Pat Schaffran.


 Children in Kindergarten through second grade use their voices in leading the congregation in worship and song on Christmas Eve and on Easter Sunday morning. Rehearses on Thursday afternoons at 4:00 for two weeks prior to each Mass.


 Cantors lead the assembly in our sung prayer during liturgy. They announce the Word of God, proclaiming it in the sung form of the Responsorial Psalm during the Liturgy of Word. Cantors should be strong solo singers with the ability to read music. An audition is required. Rehearsal and training provided as needed.


 Do you play a musical instrument? This is your chance to share your talent and enhance our liturgies with a variety of sound and beauty. We are looking for woodwinds, strings, guitar, bass, brass and percussion. Instrumentalists play on an as needed basis at our weekend and feast day Masses, high school students are especially encouraged to consider this opportunity to share their talent. Rehearsal is provided as needed.