Christ wants to spend time with you!  All you have to do is respond to the call.  St. Hubert Catholic Community is blessed with a perpetual adoration chapel that is open from Sunday at 7:00 pm until Saturday at 5:00 pm.  Consider spending time with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel which offers a quiet place for you to talk to Him and hear what he has to say to you.  We invite you to stop in and spend time with Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Maybe God is calling you to become a regular adorer.  A list of available openings can be found posted on the Worship Commission bulletin board in the narthex or online at  If you are part of a group such as Cursillo, Bible study, a church or school group/commission, etc., consider signing your group up to cover a designated hour.  As a group, a different member of the group would be responsible for covering the designated hour each week.  If you have five members in your group, you would only have to cover the group's hour once a month.

Contact:  Cheri Quast, (952) 210-9172.