St. Hubert Catholic Cemetery

Visiting and caring for a loved one’s final resting place can be a comforting way to remember him or her.  We want to be sure that the burial plot and the surrounding area are kept presentable and well maintained in order to honor our loved ones. St. Hubert staff is dedicated to caring for St. Hubert Cemetery. To help with this we have some policies in place so that crews are able to provide the proper maintenance.

· No permanent plants, flowers, or trees, may be installed on cemetery plots. No type of permanent fencing, hedging, or borders Is allowed.

· The placement of one permanent posted planter two feet above the ground on the south side of the marker is permitted. 

· Artificial flowers and other grave decorations may be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Director depending on the appearance due to wear. This includes items left following a funeral.

· Decorations in contrast to church teachings may be removed. Example: pumpkins are allowed; jack-o-lanterns are not.

· One wreath may be placed on the grave three weeks before Christmas and will be removed two weeks after Christmas.

· Loose flowers, potted plants, vases, and other decorative items are allowed two weeks before Memorial Day until one week after Memorial Day.

· A permanent grave marker must be placed at the grave site within one year of burial.

· Monuments, markers, and memorials placed within the cemetery remain the property of the lot-holder or his/her heirs.  It is customary for homeowner insurance policies to offer provisions that cover acts of vandalism or other damage to these items.  Families should be instructed about how to file a claim should it be necessary.

· Once a plot location is selected, any time prior to a burial a $300 administrative fee will be assessed for a request to change the location.

CLICK HERE for additional information including location, pricing, and guidelines.

If you have any questions about St. Hubert cemetery policies, please contact the parish office at 952-934-9106.