With nearly 3,000 families to serve as well as a K-8 school with over 700 students, there is always something going on at St. Hubert! We want to keep you in the loop on all of the wonderful events and activities happening at our parish. The weekly bulletin is posted here each week and includes important announcements and dates about things happening at our parish and throughout the Archdiocese.

Keep in the loop on all of the upcoming events and activities by checking this page often. We're so excited to see you at our parish events! Thank you for being a part of St. Hubert's community.

Calendar of Events

Click HERE for the St. Hubert Parish Calendar

Upcoming St. Hubert Catholic Community Events

January 1 Mary, Mother of God Mass, 9:00 am
January 6 St. Hubert School Super Hero Open House, 9:30 am
January 9 Parish Discipleship Night, 6:30 pm
January 10 Decorate Church, Ordinary Time 6:30 pm January 15 Women’s GROW, 7:00 pm
January 19 St. Hubert Movie Night, 6:30 pm (ages 13 and older), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition, Part 2
January 20 KC Pancake Breakfast, 8:00 am to Noon, KC Free Throw Contest, 11:00 am, XLT! Night, The Light of Faith, 7:00 pm
January 25-26 JPII Healing Center Men on Fire Retreat