With nearly 3,000 families to serve as well as a K-8 school with over 700 students, there is always something going on at St. Hubert! We want to keep you in the loop on all of the wonderful events and activities happening at our parish. The weekly bulletin is posted here each week and includes important announcements and dates about things happening at our parish and throughout the Archdiocese.

Keep in the loop on all of the upcoming events and activities by checking this page often. We're so excited to see you at our parish events! Thank you for being a part of St. Hubert's community.

Calendar of Events

Click HERE for the St. Hubert Parish Calendar

Upcoming St. Hubert Catholic Community Events

November 16/17 SHS Musical
November 18  Funeral Planning Workshop, 9AM
November 18  BINGO! After 5:15PM Mass
November 19  XLT! After 6PM Mass
November 18-20KCs Pie Distribution
November 20 KCs Memorial Mass/Reception 6:30PM
November 21  Women's GROW
November 22  Parish Office Closes at 1PM
November 23  Thanksgiving Mass, 9AM
November 24  Holiday, building closed after 7:30AM Mass
November 28-Dec 1Visiting Sisters of the Pierced Heart
December 1      Holy Hour of Reparation, 7PM
December 6     Parish Discipleship Night, 5:15PM
December 7      School Advent Prayer, 6PM
December 8     Immaculate Conception (HDO)
                                  Mass:  6:30AM, 5:15PM & 7PM
December 9     Parish Discipleship Morning, 9AM
December 9/10Community Life Cookie/Candy Sale
December 11     Women's Advent Gathering, 7-9 PM
December 12     Parish Reconciliation Service, 7PM
December 14    Apostolate Night, 5PM
December 17    XLT! After 6PM Mass
December 24    Christmas Eve Masses, 4PM, 6:30PM & 10PM
December 25     Christmas Mass 10AM
January 1            Mary, Mother Mass 10AM