Youth Evangelization Team (YET)

YET stands for Youth Evangelization Team. It is made up of confirmed high school juniors and seniors. All one has to do to be qualified for YET is to love Jesus and want to share that love with others. We need you! Contact Matt Blake at for more information.


Youth Ministry Adult Core Team

The youth ministry program needs talented ministers to join our Adult Core team. We believe that solid ministry is built on relationships between adult leaders and teens. Relationships are key to teens feeling loved and accepted so that they can understand the love of God in practical ways. This opens up the opportunity for real spiritual growth to take place in a teen's life.

A Youth Ministry like Life Teen requires a substantial team of volunteers working at all levels – from Core members who lead small groups to Life Support who setup environments and serve food. The challenge of our Life Teen Youth Ministry is to access the wealth and diversity of resources within and around the area parishes so as to provide a meaningful and effective faith formation program for younger and older adolescents which engages their energy, imagination, curiosity, compassion and playful spirit in an exploration and engagement of our Catholic faith. Thus, the quality of our youth ministry volunteers is very important.

We are seeking men and women who have made a commitment to Christ and a desire to care for teens. Youth ministry is a great way to give of your time and serve the Lord. Contact Kayla Ninnemann at 952-374-5058 or if you have any questions.


NET Ministry

We are excited to welcome a new parish NET Team for our second year participating in the Parish Team program.

Our second NET Team will more purposefully focus on discipleship while still focusing on evangelization.

What does this mean?

  • They will offer discipleship training opportunities for youth that are ready to go deeper;

  • They will evangelize to inactive youth; and

  • The Parish Team will also work closely with the youth minister to help identify and train those youth and adults that may be able to be part of a CORE ministry team.

Please start praying for the forming of our new NET team (which will happen at the end of August). They will begin here at St. Hubert at the end of September.